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Counseling services are geared to meet your individual needs.

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We Understand

We understand that all people struggle at times and our caring and professional staff can help.

From coping with life transitions to dealing with tragedy and addiction, we give our clients the tools to make positive life-long changes.

Our goal is to provide professional support and nurturance to assist you in taking the next step toward healthy development.

We provide therapy to all ages, from small children to older adults, as well as individuals, couples, and families.

Counseling services include:

  • Psychological and emotional issues
  • Parent facilitation
  • Cooperative parenting
  • Reunification
  • Parent training
  • Anger management
  • Stress management

Why Choose Guardian House?

  • Affordable: Sliding Scale Fee
  • Professional & Caring
  • Convenient, Flexible Scheduling
  • Centrally Located


Guardian House is dedicated to ensuring that all individuals in San Antonio have access to high-quality, affordable mental health counseling and support.

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