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Shared Parenting Classes

Monitored Kids Exchanges

Monitored exchanges take place in a conflict-free setting, allowing the safe transfer of children from one parent to the other, who can’t have contact with one another.


Our therapeutic environment ensures children aren’t exposed to negative or violent interactions and can express genuine responses to both parents without “guilt.” Often, when there is a history of conflict, children don’t want to show happiness at seeing their parent for fear they will “hurt” the other parent.

It is during this temporary, transitional, and traumatic time that families are most in need of the services provided by Guardian House.

The Benefit of Monitored Kids Exchange Services

Parents who have used our services report a decrease in amount of conflict observed by their children and a decrease in their former partner’s verbal aggression.

  • Verbal and/or physical conflict between parents, or toward one parent,
  • Arriving late to exchanges,
  • The custodial parent doesn’t bring the children for the exchange,
  •  The noncustodial parent doesn’t show up for exchanges,
  • Individuals other than the parents attend exchanges,
  • Parents consistently fail to bring medicines, or important belongings, such as car seats to exchanges, and/or
  • Parents arrive for the exchange under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


We will need to review your court order to start the process for Monitored Exchanges and Supervised Visits.   Please email your court order to and include your name, phone number and the name of oldest child.  A staff member from our Intake Department will contact you to send intake paperwork within 2 business days.