COVID-19 Response

Due to national, state and local directives regarding COVID-19, the in-office services provided by Guardian House have been suspended until further notice. Our business hours are currently 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday; staff are working remotely during this time. During this time of uncertainty, we remain especially committed to the thousands of parents and children impacted by our mission and are focused on mitigating this heightened risk while keeping families connected, therefore, we are transitioning to providing virtual services where possible. Safety remains our first priority. 

Prior to coming to Guardian House, please follow this link to do a health screening Required Health Screening  

UPDATES: Also, check out our Facebook page for more updates.
  • 06-25-2020: Due to the rise in confirmed COVID-19 cases in and around San Antonio, Guardian House will be suspending in-person Monitored Exchanges; Guardian House will be contacting all exchange families regarding service options. All other services will continue to remain virtual.
  • 06-06-19-2020: Required Health Screening  
  • 06-04-2020: We have posted a video on our Facebook page discussing the additional precautions and changes that have been made to the exchange process in light of COVID-19.
  • 05-27-2020: Guardian House will partially reopen our facility on Friday, June 5, and will be reinstating Monitored Exchange Services. Clients can begin requesting their exchanges for the months of June and July. Counseling, supervised visits and parenting classes will continue at this time by tele-services.
  • 05-04-2020:
    We will tentatively reopen on Monday, June 1. If something changes in our community then that date may also change. We will continue to keep you posted. Until then, tele-services will continue.
    We have been preparing for reopening to ensure that, once we do, everyone stays healthy. We will have more details as we get closer to our reopen date, but these are some of our considerations to maintain safety:
    • Gradual reopening – some services will continue via telehealth
    • Screening of clients before they come to the facility
    • Everyone must wear masks 
    • Contactless temperature check before entering building
    • Children younger than 2 may not come to facility
    • Installation of plexiglass at front desk
    • Contactless payment
    • Spreading out office space
    • Increased time between appointments to allow for sanitizing
    • Limit number of people in the office
  • 04-23-2020: We are now facilitating Video Conferencing Calls for families participating in our Monitored Exchange Program. More information can be found below.
  • 04-23-2020: We continue to closely monitor on-going developments and do not yet have a timeline for re-opening our facility.

Counseling and Parenting Education

  • Telehealth Counseling Support Group. Free daily support group; open to anyone in the community.
  • Telehealth Counseling Sessions. Mental Health support is needed now more than ever as families try to navigate the rapid changes to our new reality. Offered on a sliding fee scale.
  • Tele-classes for Parenting Education. The next 10-week class will begin on Thursday, April 28 from 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. There is a $5 fee per class.
  • Tele-classes for Shared Parenting Education. Classes are for DRO referred clients only and are facilitated through Skype every Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. 


Supervised Visitation and Monitored Kids Exchanges

  • Intakes. Intakes for supervised visits and monitored exchanges are being conducted via phone.
    • To schedule an intake or for more information call 210-733-3349 and leave a message on the Intake Extension, or email
  • Supervised Visits – Video Conferencing Visits. Up to 30-minute video conferencing between the child(ren) and the non-custodial party supervised by Guardian House.  
    • Price: Previously assessed visitation fees will remain unchanged, however, fees will not go above $30 per half hour.
    • Schedule as you normally would for visits by calling 210-733-3349 and leaving a message. The Visits Coordinator is following up with all requests.
    • Visits will occur during the week; availability is limited.
    • The Visits Coordinator will provide more information on how to conduct the virtual visit.
  • Monitored Exchanges. As of April 23, Guardian House is facilitating contact for exchange families by coordinating video calls.
    • Price: Previously assessed visitation fees will remain unchanged, however, fees will not go above $20 per half hour.
    • Schedule as you normally would for visits by calling 210-733-3349 and leaving a message. The Intake Coordinator is following up with all requests.
    • Exchange families can also make well-being inquiries.
  • Well-Being Inquiries. For current clients – Noncustodial parents can request information about their child(ren) from the other party, and noncustodial parents can pass information to let their kids know that they are ok. Families can also pass photos and short videos (less than one minute in length).
    • Download a Parent Note from our website Parent Note  
    • Email your inquiry for your co-parent to
    • Guardian House is offering this free service during the COVID-19 crisis.