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Fourth Annual Guardian House Luncheon

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In 2018, we have deemed the year to be “A Future of Healthy Growth.” In the spirit of improving the family relationships and supporting the children that face a volatile family life, our goal will be to mend the hurt by teaching patience and understanding. Funds raised at our 2018 luncheon will allow Guardian House to fulfill that promise.

At our Fourth Annual Guardian House Luncheon, we will gather to celebrate two honorees that have been instrumental in helping us reach our goals. They are:

Sondra Grohman, President & CEO of Shining Star ENERGY

Representative Diego Bernal, State District 123

Guardian House is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation established in 1997 by local judges and county officials who recognized an overwhelming number of children in their courts were subjected to living in highly conflicted or violent homes, had parents in stressful divorce and custody battles, or had parents who were absent from their lives. In addition, research shows how critical it is for children to maintain a safe and healthy relationship with both parents. Guardian House’s parenting classes, supervised visitation and monitored exchange services significantly increases the frequency of noncustodial parent/child contact and decreases parental conflict. Our services also prevent emotional and physical cruelty to children who are caught in the middle of these turbulent and complex family fights.

We hope you will stand with us!

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