Child-Exchange Turned Deadly For Mother

Early Sunday, January 21, 2018, an Amber Alert was issued when a child-exchange went wrong. We would later find out that 37-year-old Richard Concepcion had taken his 18-month old son from the mother and allegedly killed her.

According to Kens5 news,
“Police said the call originally came in requesting assistance for a child exchange, but then changed to reports of shots fired.”

The man suffered self-inflicted wounds; the young boy was not harmed.

This is a tragic situation that, unfortunately, is not as uncommon as you may think. At Guardian House, we were founded by lawyers and judges to assist with child-exchanges when there is conflict between the parents.

How We Help With A Child-Exchange

When parents can’t get along and/or there has been violence reported in the relationship, sometimes the courts will assign parents to do the child-exchanges at Guardian House. Monitored exchanges help in the following ways by:

  • Diffusing conflict between parents that is physical and/or verbal by conducting safe child-exchanges in a structured manner;
  • Observing and reporting exchanges to assure children are actually brought to Guardian House on time and with necessary items such as carseat, medicine, clothing, etc.;
  • Confirming that the noncustodial parent shows up for the exchange;
  • Overseeing that both parents are not under any type of influence of drugs or alcohol;
  • Assuring the safety of everyone involved from the children to the parents to the staff with:
    • an on-duty officer;
    • locked facilities;
    • security cameras.

We believe that highly volatile situations such as Sunday’s event can be averted with a controlled, supervised child-exchange. For more information, please call or email us:

Phone: (210) 733-3349

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I strongly believe that everything in life happens for reasons of good and bad. Depending on how we all choose to rise or fall; I would have fallen without this class.

~ Parent from the PMNC Class

I learned a lot from this class and enjoyed coming to every one!

~ Parent from the PMNC Class

I learned a lot from this class and enjoyed coming to every one!

~ Parent from the PMNC Class

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