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HOPE Parenting Program

Our classes are not only informative; they are transformative. Many parents share that our classes significantly exceeded their expectations.

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HOPE Parenting Program

Welcome to Our Family!

We value the relationships we build and the lives we transform. But, the transformation only begins when you enroll!

Here’s how you will benefit:

  • Discover best parenting practices that fit every family
  • Empower yourself with “at-home” tools to help your child behave, focus and flourish
  • Learn techniques to reduce personal stress and stress related with parenting
  • Enjoy 2 hours of quiet “parent time” in a judgment-free space with other parents committed to transforming their parenting skills!

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Photo courtesy of Marks Moore

Photo courtesy of Marks Moore


“I didn’t want to come to this class because I thought it was going to be just like the rest- dull, boring and just something I was forced to come to, but after being here I’m glad I came. It made me look at my kids differently and it helped me to get closer to my son- that’s something I never had with my 16 year old daughter and I regret it. Now, I’m starting over, in a better way.”

– Luis A (Parenting Ed Graduate)

Parents Matter

Parenting is the most important, the most challenging and most rewarding job you will ever have! As is the case for any difficult job with a high reward – you will need “on-the-job training.” Although the birth of a newborn can fill the spirit with excitement, anticipation and even fear, we often hear parents say, “I had no idea what I was getting myself into!”

Each child is as unique as the challenges we face in parenting them. Guardian House recognizes the struggles that most parents face and is focused on providing support and understanding for all individuals who care for a child.

Attending parenting education classes does not mean that you are a terrible parent or that you can’t learn and grow in your parenting skills.  Just the opposite is true! By enrolling in a parenting education class demonstrates that you highly value your children and are committed to strengthening the family bond that you have with them. We know that parent education promotes well-being and builds stronger families and communities.

It gets even better…

Need a babysitter?

Child watch is available for your convenience.

No time to cook?

Delicious Hot Meals are served at every session.

No money to take the kids out?

Prizes, free books, and free passes are given for fun family events.

Want to celebrate your success?

Graduation celebration, potluck and official Certificate of Completion awarded.

HOPE Program Director

Andréa Longoria-Contreras, M.A., PhD (Candidate)

Program Director and Parenting Coach

Andréa has more than 15 years of leadership and research experience in designing, implementing and evaluating evidence-based community programs. Her focus is on creating effective programs that reach deep into our communities and touch families for positive change.  She is passionate about human potential giving every ounce of her heart to encouraging and supporting individuals as they transform into their amazing selves - starting with her own three children and super husband!


    For over 15 years, our program has operated symbiotically with the Guardian House. Rooted firmly at this center, our parenting program is unique in that it is positioned to provide participants the value of personal therapeutic support services such as professional counseling and a safe place for child exchanges. The nurturing family environment creates a natural feel for supervised visitation and family bonding time.

    Our Vision and Long-Term Commitment

    Historically, parenting education has been referred to and recognized mostly in times of crisis. We know well that treating crisis does nothing for prevention.  As parent and child advocates, we are wholly committed to transforming the stigma associated with parenting education and strive to promote parenting education for the good of all.

     Our mission: Teach. Nurture. Empower.

    Our goal is to see you succeed!

    We are focused on seeing that every San Antonio parent learns the skills, gains the knowledge and grows in their ability to be not just a good parent but, a SUPER PARENT!

    Project HOPE Class Schedule

    Start DateEnd DateTimeDayRegisterClass Location
    September 5November 146 pm - 8 pmMondayCLASS IS FULLNurturing ParentingGH
    September 21November 236 pm - 8 pmWednesdayRegister NowNurturing ParentingGH
    October 8December 1010 am - 12 pmSaturdayRegister NowNurturing ParentingGH
    Nurturing Parenting Classes for everyone!

    Come be part of our family as we share this parenting journey together!