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Attorney Information

Custodian of Records: Shannon White, MS, LPC-S

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Attorney Information

How to Get Started

  • Both parties must contact Guardian House and schedule an intake interview to enroll in our services. Staff will NOT contact the other party to schedule an intake interview.
  • All paperwork, required documentation and fees from both parties must be submitted before the enrollment process is considered complete.
  • After the enrollment process is complete and before visitation begins, a Child Orientation will be conducted with each child participating in supervised visitation services.
  • After the Child Orientation is complete, both parties will be contacted by phone to let them know that the non-custodial party may now begin requesting visits.
  • In the event that services do not begin, the intake paperwork will only remain on file for six months. After that, the intake interview and intake fee will have to be completed again to have an active intake, or to start services.

Required Order for Sliding Fee Scale

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Copies of client records will be released to the client’s attorney upon receipt of subpoena and payment. Faxed or emailed subpoenas will not be accepted.

Upon subpoena, the Custodian of Records will testify or make depositions regarding observations made during visits. For court hearings we request that the Custodian of Records be placed on-call, and be notified 30-40 minutes prior to taking the stand.

Records will be released to the attorney or courier, and photo ID must be presented.

Records Fees

Standard Fees

Administrative fee$25
Per page copy fee25 cents
* Standard fees for records apply when Guardian House has been given at least three days notice to prepare copies.

 Rush Fees

Less than three days notice$50
Less than 24 hours noticeAdditional $25

Appearance of COR

Payment due at least two days prior$200 ($50 per hour, minimum 4 hours)
Appearance of Custodian of Records to testify or make deposition.

*All fees for records must be paid IN ADVANCE. Records will not be prepared until all fees are received.