It’s About The Kids, Especially During The Holidays

The holidays can make a strained relationship even tougher, especially when it comes to separated parents who are fighting to spend time with their children. Often the courts can intervene and refer parents to a place where children can visit with the non-custodial mom or dad. However, parents need to recognize that they can also agree to use an unbiased third party to help with the ​shared parenting time – a place like Guardian House.

“The holiday season for separated parents can be a difficult time when emotions are high and children feel torn,” said Shannon White, Executive Director of the Guardian House in San Antonio. “Often times, when parents are fighting to spend time with their children, the kids feel caught in the middle. During the holiday season, it’s important that the time children spend with each parent is happy and memorable. We suggest that parents take a look at a viable situation that will provide a safe place for their children to enjoy all holidays and regular visitations.”

Guardian House offers a home-like environment for families to spend time together – playing, cooking, being creative, etc. There’s even a backyard to play basketball or just hang out. With over ​6500 sq feet, Guardian House has a lot of space to accommodate several families at once.

How It Works
Guardian House will facilitate the times and help coordinate the visits.

​Shared parenting time work​s​ one of two ways:
1)  ​Kids Exchanges: ​By mutual agreement​ or court order, parents can ​utilize Guardian House​ ​​as a safe exchange space;
2)  ​Supervised Visitation: ​With a court order, Guardian House will document scheduled visits where both parents can be assured that their time and participation is officially noted in their records for the courts.

Getting Through The Holiday Season

  • During this time of year, below are some things parents can keep in mind during the holidays:
  • The holiday season for children creates a lot of tension.
  • More than ever, during a difficult separation, children need to feel secure.
  • Children feel a need to keep both parents happy.
  • Often they feel they are to blame for the break up.
  • Children may have a difficult time expressing how they feel and even hide their feelings.

As tough as it may sound, it’s important for separated parents to keep in mind that the holidays are about their children. Compromising time and putting aside ill-feelings are the most important thing. Focused energy on the spirit of the season and letting go of anger can make the holidays comforting to children.

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I strongly believe that everything in life happens for reasons of good and bad. Depending on how we all choose to rise or fall; I would have fallen without this class.

~ Parent from the PMNC Class

I learned a lot from this class and enjoyed coming to every one!

~ Parent from the PMNC Class

I learned a lot from this class and enjoyed coming to every one!

~ Parent from the PMNC Class

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